When Robert Hicks decided to add ‘bourbon maker’ to his long list of credentials, it seemed to those who know him to be a pretty obvious fit. After all, he has never hidden his passion for brown whiskey any more than he has his passion for the Civil War. What folks know is that when he sets his mind on something there is never any turning back. 

Born in South Florida, he moved to Williamson County, Tennessee in 1974 and lives near the Bingham Community at ‘Labor in Vain,’ his log cabin.

He is founding chairman emeritus of Franklin’s Charge: A Vision and Campaign for the Preservation of Historic Battlefield in the fight to secure and preserve the historic battlefield in Williamson County. He came to that role only after tackling the preservation and restoration of Carnton Plantation, the field hospital during the darkest hours of the battle. His role in preserving Carnton led their board of directors to name him “The Driving Force Behind the Preservation of the Site.”

In light of his role at Carnton and in battlefield preservation, along with the impact on heritage tourism brought about by his first novel, The Widow of the South, in December 2005, the Nashville Tennessean named him ‘Tennessean of the Year.’ 

For many years, Robert served as a partner in the B. B. King’s Blues Clubs across the country and was named ‘Curator of Vibe’ by BB King. 

So producing a really good bourbon, Tennessee made and Tennessee aged seemed like a logical step forward for Robert. Much thought went into how to connect his passion for bourbon with his passion for battlefield preservation. Out of it has come this rare, small batch bourbon. 

No wonder Nashville Lifestyles Magazine named Robert as the  #2 in the top 100 Reasons to Love Nashville, describing him as Nashville’s “Master of Ceremonies” and went on to say that “being a New York Times best-selling author should be enough – but not for Robert Hicks, award-winning author of The Widow of the South and A Separate Country. His passion for words is equaled by one for preservation, saving the history-steeped places associated with the Battle of Franklin.  Writer, speaker, leader, world-traveler, preservationist – one person really can make a difference.” 

…And now, maker of a fine bourbon with a real purpose, for with every bottle of Battlefield Bourbon sold, the goal of Civil War battlefield preservation moves that much closer.